Yoma Yangon

international marathon

>37,000 Participant joining us this year

(estimate figures)

12,000 Runner joining us this year

(estimate figures)

25,000 Supporters joining us this year

(estimate figures)

20+ Nationalities participated

(2019 figures)

4193>4066 More female runners then male runners

(2019 figures)



YYIM is organised by Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. (“Yoma Strategic”) with support from YCDC and First Myanmar Investment Public Co., Ltd (“FMI”). YYIM will continue its charity theme of “Run for Children,” and will raise funds for underprivileged children in Myanmar. 

About Yoma Group

Yoma Group is a leading conglomerate in Myanmar with a focus on the Real Estate, Financial Services, Automotive & Heavy Equipment, Healthcare, Consumer and Tourism sectors. Through its subsidiaries, Yoma Strategic Holdings and First Myanmar Investment, Yoma Group has built up a nation-wide presence and is widely regarded as the partner of choice for international organisations in Myanmar.

About Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd.

Listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Securities Exchange Trading Limited (SGX-ST), Yoma Strategic is a leading business corporation with a diversified portfolio of businesses in Real Estate, Consumer, Automotive & Heavy Equipment, Financial Services and Investments in Myanmar. Together with its Yoma Group partners, Yoma Strategic is taking a conglomerate approach to build a diversified portfolio of businesses in Myanmar. The Company was ranked in the top 5% of the Governance and Transparency Index 2018, ranked 26th out of top 100 largest Singapore companies in the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard 2017 and won the Best Managed Board (Gold) Award at the Singapore Corporate Awards in 2016.

About First Myanmar Investment Public Co., Ltd.

First Myanmar Investment Public Co., Ltd. (FMI) is one of Myanmar’s largest public companies with thousands of shareholders and an unbroken track record of profitability and dividend payment since inception in 1992. FMI’s current focus is on its strategy of investing in the Financial Services, Real Estate and Healthcare sectors. FMI became the first company to be listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange in 2016.

About Yangon City Development Committee

Yangon City Development Committee is the administrative body of Yangon, the largest city and former capital of Myanmar. It consists of 20 departments, with headquarters in the Yangon City Hall. The committee’s chairman also acts as the city’s mayor. 8the year running, we are very privileged and grateful towards YCDC for their continuous support since the beginning for Yoma Yangon International Marathon.

Run for

a great cause

Run for Children

The Yoma Group’s mission is to “Build A Better Myanmar for its People, and an important part of YYIM is fundraising for charity. With each YYIM event held, proceeds of fundraising have been donated to improve the lives of youth in Myanmar. With the theme of ‘Run for Children’, YYIM 2020 fundraising efforts will be donated to five different charity groups in the Yangon Division.

The selected cause for YYIM2020 are:

  1. YCDC Non-profit child daycare center for low income citizens
  2. Myanmar Red Cross Society
  3. Institute of Sports and Physical Education
  4. M2030, fight Malaria disease (tentative)
  5. Jump/Beam leadership social enterprise (tentative)


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Thank you for your participation in YYIM 2020!
See you next year!

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