Individual Categories

Prize Money will be awarded to the top 3 male and female winners of the 42.195 KM Full Marathon, 21 KM Half Marathon and 10KM Challenge race categories.

42.195 KM Full Marathon
21 KM Half Marathon
10KM Challenge
1ST USD$2700 USD$1600 USD$800
2ND USD$1400 USD$900 USD$400
3RD USD$900 USD$500 USD$250

Team Categories



Largest Contingent

Crystal Trophy

21km Team of 5

Crystal Trophy x 5
(Champion Team Only)

10km Team of 5

Crystal Trophy x 5
(Champion Team Only)

1. Participants must enter their Team Name at the point of registration to be eligible for the Team Prizes.

2. The top 5 timing from each team, regardless of gender, will be taken for 21KM & 10KM Team of 5.

3. Winning team of the Team Prizes will be announced on the event day during the Prize Presentation ceremony.

4. Complimentary slots and all Yoma affiliated team are not eligible for the Team Prizes.